Welcome to the art works of Jamahl Pollard, a site that is different from the rest. Friends have asked why I called the site 4Dart as it stands for 4th dimensional Art. Well I feel that my work comes straight from the heart, a journey in to the inner depths of the conscious and unconscious mind. I explore my interactions as a person with a disability in a main stream community.Even though I am vision impaired (categorised) as legally blind), I am the creator of these works. With 6.4%, peripheral vision in my left eye and the right eye being artificial. I can see in great detail up to 30cm’s away and after that I see only colourful shapes with little or no detail, depending on the size of the objects around me. The use of fairly strong reading glasses and sometimes a magnifying glass enables me to create the work. For most of my observations I use a monocular scope (half a binocular) to view things from a distance.
My eye condition is currently stable. I was meant to loose my eye sight at the age of 10, but don’t know how but managed to defy the doctors predictions.
There is no quire for my eye condition and has not changed since about the age of 16.

So I do what I can to day as the next day I could be totally blind.