Please remember that all of the art works located on this site are original and not posters or prints. If you do like what you see then I advise you act quick as I have a tendency to either re-work or paint over an art work.
I’m going through the collection as you read this to see what I can work on. I can no longer afford to hold on to old works, because living on a disability pension means I have limited funds to purchase new materials all the time. Arts grant applications are good if it is approved.
If you are going to complain about the use of particle board as a painting surface I can’t afford the good stuff any more.
If it is good enough for Margret Olley to use, it is good enough for me. Remember Margret sold her works for 20 thousand $$$$ each and up for her work.I work outside on my art as it is easier to see what I am doing due to my vision loss. But if I have to I paint in the dinning area under a very strong desk lamp.
But at times this can pose some problems with colour mixing and matching, resulting in some unwanted outcomes or a nice surprise.
As you can see above I need a little help to create the work with the assistance of magnifiers and other adaptive technology I require to produce my work.
The adaptive technology I also use for reading and to assist in every day functioning. With out it I am unable to live an independent life. I would not be able to catch the right bus, go shopping and the list goes on.
Sadly this technology comes with a high price tag, so I am unable to purchase all of the adaptive technology I require so I make do with just a few items to help me though the day.